Vacuum chambers

Vacuum chambers

Construction and construction is something that Low2High together with our partners are experts on. No project is too complicated to discuss. We supply both large and small vacuum chambers as well as single prototypes for serial production. We have a breadth that many other companies do not have, this is also where we have part of our strength. You can contact us with anything from an idea scribbled on a napkin or a finished drawing.

We have delivered to many industries with different needs and requirements for the equipment.

Examples of requirements our customers may have:

Material selection (with or without traceability)
Density requirements in the form of leak acceptance
cleaning Requirements
Surface treatment
cleanroom Requirements

A selection of industries we delivered to:

  • Pharmacy
  • Particle accelerators, research facilities and space travel
  • Food
  • Chemical industry
  • Vehicles (car, airplane, boat / submarine etc.)
  • Metalworking

In short, no assignment is too small or too big for us, dare to test your possibilities with us.

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