Electron Microscopy

About electron microscopy

Electron microscope is a collective name for different types of microscopes where electrons are used instead of electromagnetic radiation to obtain images of very small objects.
With the help of this technique, one can get past the resolution limit of visible light, which allows the dissolution of individual atoms.
The electron beam is absorbed into air, which is why electro-optics and preparations must be enclosed in vacuum chambers.

SPI Supplies

When using different electron microscopes there are many needs. Everything from preparing in different ways, to storing samples. Service of the vacuum-generating pumps relied on by the machine
themselves on or vacuum couplings, seals and grommets. All this is something that we at Low2High Vacuum offer our customers.
When preparing, it is appreciated with qualitative tools to work with. The work often requires precision and that you are steady on the hand.
It is also about having the right tools that facilitate the work, so that you do not damage the samples and thereby get worse results.
It is also important that you clean your tools correctly after use for increased service life. A good example is the laboratory’s diamond knives.

To be able to clean the knives, we have several options in the range, including a small table wash for diamond knives, but also a cheaper alternative with cleaning sticks made of, for example, balsa wood.
Low2High Vacuum is a reseller in the Nordic region for SPI Supplies Inc. We have access to SPI’s high quality range of accessories and preparation equipment for TEM and SEM electron microscopes. 

You can find more information on the SPI Supplies website: https://www.2spi.com/
If you want to email an order or ask us, you can do so at spi@low2high.se 

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However, some products are excluded from the simple formula. In these cases, we will return with price information.

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