Moderate Vacuum

Moderate Vacuum

In vacuum technology, we divide pressure ranges between coarse vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra high vacuum.

Average vacuum is most common in:

  • Research
  • Metal industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

The average pressure range ranges from 1 mbar down to the 10-3 range.

Just as with all different pressure ranges, there is a wide variety of applications and applications within rough vacuum. The most common purposes are these:

  • Pre-pumping of high vacuum systems (ie the pumps take the system down to a vacuum where the high vacuum pumps start to work)
  • Change of atmosphere. Either reduce the oxygen content or reduce the number
    of molecules.
  • Lowering the boiling point (Most commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry and chemical research)

In the medium vacuum, you are in the middle between viscous and molecular flow,
so-called Knudsen flow, which means that gas / media moves both in the same direction and molecules that bounce ”a little here and there”. This makes the sizing
and construction of pump pipes increasingly important.

Low2High Vacuum has a variety of products suitable for medium vacuum,
both oil-smoked and dry alternatives. Have a look in our product catalog, if you do
not find what you are looking for, please contact us as we do not have the opportunity to publish all products on the website.

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