Rough vacuum

In vacuum technology, we divide pressure ranges between coarse vacuum, medium vacuum, high vacuum and ultra high vacuum.
Rough vacuum is probably the most widespread in:
• packaging
• transport
• food

The pressure range of rough vacuum ranges from atmospheric pressure (1013 mbar) to 1 mbar, that is, ~1 bar pressure difference from atmospheric pressure.
As with all different pressure ranges, in heavy vacuum there are a variety of applications and applications. The most common purposes are these:
• Keeping a product under vacuum (e.g. vacuum packaging)
• Filling a product with another pure gas (e.g. some food packaging)
• Make a leakproofness test of a product (only large leaks possible)
•Lifting a product from one place to another
• Create a pressure difference to move media in a closed system (for example: transport of granules and other solid media)

During rough vacuum, you still have a viscous flow, which means that all gas/media moves in the same direction, which makes it reliable and easy to work with.
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