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The importance of prevention instead
of redemption.

It is sometimes said that it is easier to apologize than to ask permission. This is not true at all when it comes to preventive maintenance.

When you invest in something expensive, such as a car, it is
usually a fairly long process before the purchase as you want the investment to be long-term sustainable, even with diligent
use. Once the purchase is made, most are
careful with the management of the investment and you are happy to follow the manufacturer’s management advice so that the investment lasts as long as possible and works smoothly just to avoid problems. Correct?

The same applies to the machines you have at your workplace, that often run much harder and have to work more than your car. Reliability in an industry is important so that production works without interruption and that the operating times can be kept as long as possible before stopping for service.

To minimize unplanned downtime, it is important to take care of your machines with preventive maintenance. It is better to service their machines on time than to stop them should they occur. Planned stops are the key to trouble-free production. To have a continuous overview of both operating hours and what measures are recommended by the manufacturer for
each object is, to say the least, essential.

We at Low2High Vacuum are specialists in service and maintenance and are happy to help you determine the condition of your vacuum equipment. We can perform the maintenance and service on site at you or in one of our workshops in Gothenburg or Uppsala.

You can also sign a service agreement with us where we undertake to keep track of the maintenance of your equipment. Together with you, we tailor a service schedule that best suits your conditions with the preventive maintenance in focus, so you avoid unplanned downtime as much as possible.

There are many benefits to signing a service agreement with us:

  • Adapted to your product, process and opportunities
  • Free support and advice over the phone and email
  • Response time within 24 hours
  • Unlimited insurance on performed service work
  • As a contract customer, you always get good prices
  • Combination agreements provide discounts
  • Partial payment options
  • Priority access to rental products
  • We use established terms in accordance with
  • Teknikbolagen’s NU agreement
  • Experienced and certified service staff
  • Always original parts!
  • Free function check with our new customers!

Many processes require precision of your vacuum to work, others are time dependent. You can save on
costs if you can trace a fault to a dirty sensor or
detect leaks instead of always assuming that the pump is broken. You can bake everything into a combination agreement where service, calibration, leak detection etc. are included at a good price.

We offer calibration of vacuum sensors according to ours
method C: 1508 which is accredited according to
SS / EN ISO 17025: 2018 by Swedac.

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