Measuring instruments and sensors

Measuring instruments and sensors

Common to almost all applications is that we need to know what process pressure we have. Therefore, we need to use measuring instruments and sensors that help us convey and convert electrical signals (in most cases) into understandable numbers.
Vacuum sensors are available in many variants and for different purposes.
• Pirani
• Manometer
• Cold cathode
• Hot cathode
• Penning
• Combination sensors
• Extractor
The most common are the Pirani sensor and the classic pressure gauge.

The instrumentation itself today looks very similar, it is often a display with numbers and various settings. Some support simple calculations and self-tests, others simply show the value measured by the sensor. You will find our instruments together with the sensor that intended you. If you do not know which one you have, please contact us and we will help you.

Knowing what process pressures we have can be a necessity for the result to be as we intended, it can be an indication that the system is leaking, it can indicate that the pumps used are in poor condition and may need service. But perhaps the most important thing is security. Just as with overpressure, knowledge of the pressure in vacuum is also important for safety reasons. Therefore, it is also important to know that the donors you rely on actually show correctly, or that you know its deviations.

Low2High Vacuum recommends all customers to continuously have their sensors calibrated to find out just this. We think quality and safety are important and therefore recommend calibration.

Link to the catalogue for measuring parts can be found below!