Low2High Vacuum offers a variety of services related to the subject of vacuum. The company has been supplying products and services of high quality since the 1960s.

Our Services:

  • Service and maintenance vacuum pumps
  • Repair of vacuum pumps – almost all models and makes on the market!
  • Sensor calibrations –
  • Keep track of quality
  • Sensor Repairs
  • Leak detection service (Helium) on site at customer – Leakage costs time and money!
  • Density testing (Helium) in our workshop of customer’s items
  • Service of leak detectors
  • Repair of leak detectors
  • Rental of vacuum pumps, sensors, leak detectors
  • Training and course activities in vacuum engineering and vacuum theory

Contact us

Datavägen 57B, 436 32 Askim, Sverige

Svederusgatan 1, 754 50 Uppsala, Sverige