Roots pumps

Roots Pumps

For many years, root pumps have been well established in the field of vacuum technology in combination with pre-vacuum / backing pumps that
compresses against atmospheric pressure.

Thus, because root pumps can run at higher speeds, a high pump speed with a relatively small size of pump is also obtained. Speeds above 1500 m3 / h can only be achieved with root pumps. If you choose a root pump combination as a thought pump system as an alternative to using only pre-vacuum pumps that correspond to the same pump speed, you will notice a significant energy saving.

How does the root pumps vacuum system work?

Root pumps are rotary pumps where two symmetrically shaped impellers rotate in opposite directions inside the pump housing. The rotors similar to the ”8-ore” are synchronized with a tool which ensures that the impellers are synchronized in such a way that they are close to each other and the chamber wall without moving each other. The volume of the intake increases as the rotors rotate, when a portion of the rotation cycle is completed then decreases this volume and presses the gas between the impellers and the chamber walls and forces it down through the pump body and out through the exhaust flange.

This process repeats twice for each rotor per full turn. Since the rotors do not come into contact with the pump housing or each other, the pump can run at high speeds and can thus create a high pump speed.

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