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Leybonol vacuum oil.

If you have an oil-sealed vacuum pump, you probably know that the oil performs three important functions for the pump to function satisfactorily. It seals, lubricates and cools the vacuum pump. All vacuum pumps that are sealed with oil need to be handled in the same way as you handle the oil in your car. You need to check the amount of oil at regular intervals so that the level is the right one. You also need to check that the oil is not contaminated by particles and dirt and anything else that is present in your process. The oil filter plays an important function, but sometimes the oil has to be replaced in order for the vacuum pump to maintain continuous high performance.

All vacuum oils from Leybold have been renamed for a few years. This is to coordinate many different names that exist in different parts of the world into one. The new collection name is Leybonol. Read more on Leybonol’s website.

Which vacuum oil should you use for your vacuum pump?

To make your pumps last as long as possible, it is important to use the right oil for the right application and pump type.
It’s easy to believe that you save money by buying a barrel of something called vacuum oil at a cheap price.
Leybold invests considerable resources in developing exactly the right oil for your pump. The range is now arranged under the collection name Leybonol. There you will find mineral oil, synthetic oil, PAO oils and a lot of other special oils, all with the common being tested
for special applications and to get the most out of your vacuum pumps.
Contact us for a discussion on how we can make your pumps feel better. You can also read more about the type of oil recommended for your particular application in the overview table below.

Want to know which vacuum oil replaces your old one?


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