Gate valves

Gate valves

The gate variant valves consist of three main components, an actuator, a gate / gate and a valve body. The actuator enables the mobility itself, whether manual or electric / pneumatic, for the carriage itself. Only the structure of the trolley is a movable part of the valve and the only thing visible on the outside (if the valve is not yet mounted). Once connected to the vacuum system, the carriage part is no longer visible. The valve body is a small vacuum chamber, you can say, where the whole carriage mechanism moves inside.

Gate valves have several uses, but perhaps the most common is where you want a valve installation that is in line with the pipe and opens the entire pipe diameter while being fast and dense.

The valves are supplied in standard CF, ISO KF or ISO LF (K) in sizes from 16 mm to 305 mm as standard.

They can also be supplied with seals that can withstand high temperatures and with position indicators.

  • Can handle up to 1 million cycles before service is needed
  • Low vibration and silent
  • Pneumatically locked in end positions

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