Evaporation units (PVD/CVD)

What is evaporation? Simply put you could say that evaporation is when a substance changes state from liquid or solid state into a gaseous state. All substances can be evaporated by changing its pressure and or temperature. When coating something the substance you want to evaporate is first put under vacuum before it is heated into a vapour. When the vapour then condensates back on the surfaces on the materials in the chamber a coating is created.

We sell complete turnkey systems (UNIVEX) for PVD as well as we can provide most of the different spare parts and components for your existing system. Even if you are building an entire system yourself we can provide most of the components you can possibly need for your project.

If you need assistance with the distribution of different gases in your CVD system, we can of course deliver products for this as well. We also can provide the possibility to assemble and bench test all components in ISO class 5 environment for minimum risk of contamination. Contact us for more information!


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