Cold cathode ionization

Cold cathode ionization (Penning)

Cold cathode donor or Penning, which is also said, measures vacuum from very low pressure (E-9 / E-8) up to the E-2 range, and in combination with a piranha all the way up to atmospheric pressure.

By applying a high voltage across an electrical circuit, the sensor ionizes gas particles in the system. The ionized particles are then passed through a magnet to the cathode. By measuring the current in the ionized particles (in the gas), the measurements are converted to a signal which is proportional to the current pressure. The principle also works at very low pressures.

The sensor is robust and has a relatively long life.

Examples of applications:

• Metallurgy
• Sputtering and coating
• SEM (microscope)
• Process industry (mixed)
• Vacuum Heat treatment
• Mass spectrometry

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