Capacitive sensors

Capacitive sensors

The capacitive sensor is used for measuring absolute pressure.

The sensor itself consists of a membrane in a metal alloy (usually inconel). The diaphragm sits one side against the vacuum system and the other against a reference chamber in a so-called capacitor which is also under vacuum. As the diaphragm changes due to pressure on the diaphragm, the capacitance (electrical storage capacity) changes. The change is then converted to a signal and is directly proportional to the pressure.

The capacitive sensors are ordered with different measuring ranges and are stated in Torr (1330-, 10E-5 Torr). They are also available in temperature compensated variants.

The sensor type can advantageously be used in the following applications:

Absolute pressure measurement in systems with gas mixtures
Evaporation and coating systems
Semiconductor industry (CVD, plasma etching, etc.)
Jon implementation
Lamp manufacturing
Cooling and air conditioning technology

If you are looking for an accurate sensor with very little deviation (uncertainty), then you may have found the right sensor. In our catalog you will find our capacitive sensors, if you are wondering, please feel free to contact us.

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