Calibration: Pressure sensors​

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Calibration of pressure sensors

We also offer comparative calibration of pressure sensors. We have the capacity to calibrate 0-100 bar gauge pressure. Please note that we work according to SS / EN ISO 17025: 2005, but are not yet accredited in the area.

Calibration Certificate:

After calibration we issue a calibration certificate in wich you get:

– your overpressure sensor correction compared to actual pressure
– the measurement uncertainty during calibration
– the measurement result before any adjustment
– all external factors that may affect calibration

Calibration Laboratory

The calibration laboratory is located in our head office in Askim outside Gothenburg. But we also perform field calibration if desired.


If you are interested in subscription for calibration, please contact us. Together we decide the scope and intervals between the calibrations. You will then be contacted when it is time to calibrate your vacuum sensors.

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